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Who we are

How it all Begin

The Agape Roots Foundation was founded by Jessica Brown and established by the Brown Purchas family in 2021. The foundation united their vision for the future of families like their own navigating the diagnosis of Beta Thalassemia, a form of Sickle Cell Disease, when their own youngest and newest family member was diagnosed soon after birth. We are connected by love, community, and a shared journey, and are dedicated to fostering hope and community support for those affected by this condition.

Sharing Hope

Being the Change

Our journey began with a pivotal moment, the diagnosis of the youngest member of our family, Gabriel. His diagnosis shed light on the challenges, stagnation and complexities still faced by individuals and families navigating life with sickle cell disease.

Driven by the desire to make a difference, we established The Agape Roots Foundation as a beacon of hope for individuals and families affected by sickle cell disease. Gabriel’s story became more than a personal narrative; it became a catalyst for change. Courage, strength, and unwavering love inspired us to reach out and connect with sickle cell warriors worldwide.

Our Goals

Heal the Narrative

Together, we believe in the power of community, love, and shared experiences to bring about positive change. Join us as we strive to raise awareness, offer support, and spread a message of hope, love, and unity as we all aim to not just survive, “but to thrive; and do so with some passion, compassion, some humor and style.” – Dr. Maya Angelou


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